Colado de Verde

Our destination is the 2400m high Tore Beremejo – one of the highest summits of the Western Massif. The track starts in Posada de Valdeon. We leave Frama early in the morning in a complete darkness and sky full of stars.

We start the route at 9.10am. This time we did not manage to find the path at once. We return to Posada de Valdeon to purchase another map. Even with the new map we deviate from the path again and struggle up through the diversity of bushes (including prickly ones). We loose about an hour there. Fortunately we find the path again and proceed uphill to the gap in the wall of cliffs high above the Posada de Valdeon. The gap is not visible from the village – the cliffs at the left side from the gap is some 100m closer to village than the right side. Behind the left side cliffs we follow the rocky path to the Colado de Pambucho. After taking a short break we proceed up to the 2000m high Colado de Verde (green pass). After the hours long climbing through rocks and stones the green pass is a surprise indeed – it is a  grassy elevation in between the cliffs. The view from the path to the West is stunning.

It is 4pm already. The sun cooks, we have run out of time and of vigor. The Torre Beremejo is behind the high summits in front of us. So we decide to surrender and start a way back. A major part of the time we go in shadow of the hills – this protects us from the hot sunbeams. At the foothill we find the path we started to ascend in the first place in the morning. Means – we were on the right track!. We descend through the slope full of gorgeous plants, pick the rose fruits and nibble them.

On a way back to Potes we startle a pair of roes – they make not much fuss and run a couple of meters deep into forest and stay there. When we are behind San Glorio pass it starts to darken quickly and we return in Frama in full darkness and sky full of stars.

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