Congost de Mont-rebei

Congost de Mont-rebei was suggested to us by our lovely hosts – Silvia and Mark. It is a picturesque gorge on a river Noguera Ribagorzana on a border between Catalunia and Aragon (congost is gorge in Catalan). The only road through the gorge is a mules path partly carved in the cliffs. The gorge walls are up to 500m high, gorge is as narrow as 20m in some places.

One can approach the gorge by the bumpy mountain road – this takes us to the spacious parking place near the shore of river Noguera Ribagorzana. A wide path goes from the parking place to the gorge. The water in the river is bright green and it is full of spooky whitish trees. This perhaps is because of the dam down the river.

The path proceeds further but we have enough for today. After tasting some fruits of strawberry tree (arbutus), having a short rest and some reducing of our food stock we walk back the same way.

In a km or so the path already goes high above the water carved in the cliff wall. Ropes look handy here. The place should be popular – we meet 3-4 companies during the day. It is not hard to guess what happens during the season (Its October 5 today).

Soon we reach a suspension bridge that takes us across some affluent of  Noguera Ribagorzana. The path still is carved in the cliff wall some km behind that. Then the path goes wider and gradually transforms to ordinary mountain path that goes uphill and downhill by the gorge wall till we reach another suspension bridge. This is here so we could get at the other side of the gorge. There we follow the path installed on back of a huge rock some 100m uphill and then get down again by the vertical rock wall using long and winding ladder system. This takes us to the narrow island between the river and the wall.

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