In the route book we purchased a day before in Posada de Valdeon we have found the route to Coriscao summit. The route starts on Colo de Llezba pass. We arrive there by the road to Puerto de San Glorio. The couple of cars are already parked on the pass (when we later come back the side of the road is full of parked cars at the length of some 100 meters). It is cloudy but little by little the sun whisks the clouds. It is sunny on the pass and the great weather is during all the day (when we are back in Potes in the afternoon it is 24 Celsius in the shadow).

Near the pass on the hillock there is a large stone sculpture of the bear. We go to look at it closer. When we come back to the car we see the large tourist couch arriving. Hence off we go in haste to our route. We can see the Coriscao summit already from the pass – to reach it we have to climb over the ridges of the four hill. On the first one the herd of cows is being pastured by a pair of large dogs. We decide to detour slightly to make a safe distance. The path is flat and easy – through meadows, heath and low bushes. Only the last ascent is a little steeper. The view from the summit is excellent. The three Massifs of Picos de Europa spread out before you. Clouds at the bottom and summits needle out here and there.

Gradually more and more hikers accumulate on the summit and we start the way back. On the way we climb two lower summits and meet other hikers. The clouds lift little by little and the summits of Picos de Europa come to the surface in their full.

On one of the hills we watch 3 paragliders to start their flight.

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