Debela Peč

Having waked up at 6a.m. we drive to the Pokljuk hotel. Here starts the track to Debela Peč – the highest summit (2014m) of Lipanca mountain range. The track takes us through a forest, then follows the pastures, then trough another forest of fir trees to the Blejska Koča refuge. There we choose the track to Debela Peč summit. The path gets steeper there and it’s stony as well but we soon get to the summit. It is sunny and we have an excellent view of the all mountains of Triglav National Park (the Triglav itself inclusive – a Czech hiker points to it).

Further on from Debela Peč we follow the mountain ridge to other summits – Brda (2009m), Lipanski Vrh (1975m), then by very steep rocky path equipped with cables we get to the next two summits, latter of whom is Mrežce.

Next we descend back to the Blejska Koča refuge. There we decide to have a lunch and select the only food available – two goulashes looking like cabbage soup and two goulashes looking like goulash with a porridge. A Turk coffee and a tee – everything with a lot of sugar. And excellent view on the summits we have just conquered.

Having finished with our lunch we descend to our car. We have walked 19km in 7.5 hours, height difference 750m.

Our next destination (and the last one for today) is Bled – a picturesque village near the lake. We leave the care uphill near the stronghold. We walk around the stronghold, then follow the zigzag stairway down to the lake Bleda and stroll a bit on a lake promenade.

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