Eaux Bonnes

The weather is cloudy and damp. We get up at 7:30am. Breakfast and shopping, then off to explore what’s nearby. Our track goes uphill to the villages Beost un Aas. Aas village is famous of it’s whistling language that has been practiced by the local shepherds. We found the memorial plaque by the wall off the church yard – the last whistling language practitioner has gone to the better world in year 1986 🙁 This is a pity because this leaves only three places on the map where they still use a whistling language – namely Turkey, Canary Islands and Mexico.

We have planned to climb to the nearest summit next. Still we get lost and walk to the nearest town instead – to Eaux-Bonnes (good waters). The town is situated at the steep uphill of the narrow valley. Our track goes by the side opposite to the town and we have a perfect sight of it. After having a stroll through the Eaux-Bonnes we walk back to our camping by the old Laruns road. It rains all the time – the lazy day for our camera.

We take another stroll in the afternoon – around Laruns. Our camping is situated by Quartier Pon which is the old block of the town with only one very narrow street and houses stucked closely in a row. Looks like a street is just another room for the locals – everything looks so close and tiny. Charming.

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