Pic du Lurien

Our day starts at 6:30am. We drive to lake Fabreges. Here is the cable car that takes us to the tourist train Petit train de Artouste. It pretends to be the highest train in Europe. Still our plan today is to climb from the lake 1600m up to Saint Lurien summit (2826m) and then down to the lake Artouste where the train track ends.

We leave the car at the base of the cable car track and walk by the lake to the start of the path. We find it after a km walk and about 9am start to ascend at the level of 1200m. The path goes steeply up through a pine wood which ends at 1600m. Further on we go across the meadow up to the lake. The herd of cows pastures here. The cows are all around – by the lake and high up the hills in between the rocks. Looks idyllic.

Nearby we see a couple of cow’s skeletons and a one half eaten specimen – a natural landscape. Perhaps it happens that a cow falls down from the rocks?

We proceed to  Lac du Lurien and to the pass of the same name (2250m). At the pass we take a rest and then by the stony/rocky path climb to the summit Pic du Lurien. Several times we have move on all fours. The last stage to the summit goes by the mountain ridge (an easy path as the guidebook tells – still some of have a different point of view). Still we make it to the summit and does not regret that. A gorgeous view on the lake Artouste and several other lakes and mountains around from the summit.

A quick snack here and we proceed to the Lurien pass and further to lake Artouste. Looking from the pass lake seems at a close range. Still we spend more than hour until we are there. The last part of the track we have to hurry up to catch the train at 4:15pm.

While we descend the summits get gradually covered by clouds. When the train starts its way the clouds have reached us. A chilling wind blows and the train carriages ar of the open type 🙁

It is warmer at the lake Fabreges though. We have a coffe, tee and tarts (apple and bilberry) at the café. Delicious!

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