Lakes Picot

The clouds have gone and it’s sunny again. We drive to the closer end of the Soulcem lake and stop by the dam.

The path goes flat by the hill-side for a km or so. Then turns right and goes steeply up to the first lake Picot (Etang du Picot). Up to the first lake we are in the shadow of the mountain, the sun appears only after. The second, third and the fourth lake Picot follows one by one higher and higher up the path. We follow the path above the 4th lake to the pass. We had to use a couple of short via ferratas to get there.

We descend by another path. The path goes through rocks and we get lost a couple of times. Driving back we get in the middle of the sheep flock. Fortunately they don’t have large and sharp horns.

Download file: ariege-07-etangs-picot.gpx
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