We arrive at Santander airport on 7th October 2009 at 6pm. As soon as we are out of the jet we feel the warm southern air. We take 6-gear Toyota Yaris and drive most of the way a public highway. The last section of the route is by the local road, in particular – a narrow serpentine through the 20km long gorge de Hermida.

It is dark when we arrive at Frama and we did not manage to find the house we should stay in. Driving through the narrow streets of Frama we arrive at the Church and call the hosts. The person at the other end does not understand a word in English and we did not get any closer to the place we search. Fortunately a man passes by and I show him a paper with the description of the property we are searching for. The man gets to his car and takes to our accommodation.

In no time we are there – the property has a hall on  ground floor, the small bedroom and bathroom on the first floor. Not much room there but we have everything we need for a 10 days stay – TV set, electric range, washing machine and freezer.

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