San Pedro de Bedoya

The first route starts in the nearby village of San Pedro de Bedoya. The track according to itinerary should follow the road to the nearby Salarzon village. Ilze notices the path though that should take us in the same direction. We decide to follow the path – it goes to Salarzon indeed, over the hill though. Takes 2 hours to get in Salarzon (should be 30 minutes if we had selected the road instead). Still we are not sorry about that – we have splendid views, and delicious blackberries to feast upon.

Our route proceeds to the next village – Pumareja. We follow the road though vineyards and orchards of apricots. We try both (our apologies to the owners). Our route further goes back from Pumareja to San Pedro de Bedoya.

Prior to go home we drive to explore the village of Hermida. It is a beautiful small village near the mountain stream in the Hermida gorge. At the other end of the village we discover  a grotto up on the hill with a statue and a cross inside. We decide to go back by the other side of the stream. The path goes close to the stream by the wooden plank-way. A couple of sections of the plank-way are fixed to the cliff so the stream runs below us. Near the North end of the village we find a parking place and stop there to enjoy the views on the gorge. Two wild goats pasture peacefully on the opposite bank of the stream.

Download file: San Pedro de Bedoya - Salarzon - Pumareña.gpx
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