La Soufrière

Today we plan to get to  Soufrière (1467 m), the highest summit of the Lesser Antilles and the most active volcano of the region (the latest eruption lasted 8 month in 1976 and 1977). Currently there is a smoke on the volcano as well. We are not the only ones wit the intention to see the volcano. All the way to and from it there are a lot of others ahead and behind us.

We descend the other side of the hill and fin another path to the next summit –  Echelle. Beautiful sight from here to La Soufrière and Les Saintes islands in the opposite direction. We were lucky with the weather as usually there are a lot of clouds (as the travel guides tell).

Download file: 2019-11-19-i.gpx

Turns out that Antilles have multiple volcanos named La Soufrière. It is the only one in Guadeloupe though :-).

We manage to catch a sunset as well.

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