Lacs Ardiden

No summits for today – we have decided to look at lakes Ardiden. We drive the mountain road through villages Sazos un Grust, then turn on the road suitable for jeeps mainly. Imants drives carefully and takes us safely to the parking place.

We start to walk a mountain path through a rocky pasture. The weather is cloudy-foggy. We get guide volunteer in a shape of black doggie. It gives us the directions and manages at the same time to herd cows and sheep we move along (not sure this is a paid job 🙂 ).

Step by step we have ascended to a number of lakes Lac Grand d’Ardiden inclusive. It’s misty and cold. We find a shelter and have a lunch – our doggie guide inclusive.

We descend the same path – the fog transforms in clouds gradually and then clear away. Our volunteer guide switches to the next customer group to proceed with his duties 🙂

On a way back to Luz we take a stop near Pont Napoleon and descend in the chasm below it. The bridge is even more impressive from there.

Later on in Luz we take a stroll in the town center enjoying the warm and sunny weather and the 11st century Templars church. Then across the bridge we walk to the neighboring village Esquieze-Sere to look at the castle ruins up on a hillock. Short before the castle we cross the Zero meridian – then enjoy the views of Luz (in Western hemisphere) from the castle’s terrace (in Eastern hemisphere) 😉

Download file: gmt-09-ardiden.gpx
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