Pic du Midi and the Observatory

Our destination for today is the 2872m high Pic du Midi. It’s cloudy but the weather forecast for Pic du Midi says – sunny. The track starts at the Tourmalet pass (2115m). The temperature is one degree above zero, but the weather forecast tells the true – the sun shines brightly above our heads.

At 8:30am we start our way by winding road and llama herd. The road moves in and out of the mountain shadow. It’s cold in the shadow. Still the views are great – to the mountains and to the white observatory building above our heads inclusive.

The last section of the track is a steep path on a stone covered slope. We follow it up to the terrace of the observatory. It’s cold and windy. Having enjoyed the gorgeous views we find a shelter from the wind to have a rest.

When descending we notice that the clouds cover the summit in a quarter of hour. When we are down in the Tourmalet pass it is covered by a cloud as well.

We proceed to a Campan village to see dolls – they are a human height and located everywhere. Some in the courtyard, some sits or stands on a balcony. We see there fireguards, a soldier with a canon, a wedding etc.

Having enjoyed the dolls we proceed to Col d’Aspin and then back to Luz. We find out that our apartment is located in Western Hemisphere
only half kilometer from the zero meridian while the local castle just a pair of km away is on the Eastern Hemisphere. Cool 🙂

Download file: gmt-08-pic-du-midi.gpx
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