Les Saintes

Les Saintes is a group of islands South of the Guadeloupe butterfly (that is how Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre looks like in the map). Boats go there several times per day – in half an hour we are on the main island of Les Saintes – Terre-Haute (or the high land). The little town is full of tourists. One can get all kinds of vehicles (from bicycles to six-seater electric cars). Everybody then drives back and forth by the narrow winding roads and streets of the little island. We join the minority that use their legs.

The weather in the island is sunny and hot. We climb the concrete road uphill to explore the stronghold built by the Napoleon. It still looks impressive and well useful for the patriotic education of the French arrived from the metropolis. It has an expositions on the history of the Lesser Antilles as well as islands flora and fauna. It has as well an exposition on Triangle of Nantes – on trade (that included slave trading) between Europe, Africa and the Antilles.

We proceed further to look at other fortifications of the times of Napoleon. By the up and down rocky paths. The sun burns mercilessly. The sights are stunning though – both to the Basse-Terre North and to the Dominic island South .

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We continue the walk to the Baie de pompierre (the bay of firemans), and then turn back to the town.

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When returning in the town we stay in the teahouse where we taste (the third time already) the local delicacy Tourmentes d’amour. This is a little muffin filled with jam. Fisherman’s wives according to a legend have baked them while waiting for husbands back from sea.

When going back to the Basse-Terre we see it in black thunderclouds. Showers there.

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