Logarska Dolina

For the first day we have a light walk in the Logarska Dolina (valley) to the Slap Rinka waterfall. The Logarska Dolina is in Slovenia – we have to drive about 45km across the Pavlich mountain pass.

It is hot and sunny when we start to walk. Luckily enough the path mainly goes through the forest the trees gives us a shadow. The path follows the Savinja stream. The stream has a plenty of water – the herd of black and brown longhair cows enjoys the coolness here. Further on we find that the stream flows out from beneath the large black rock – this is called the Black source. Behind the Black source we walk by (or on) the dry river bed. We are at the waterfall after 2.5 hours of walk.

Rinka waterfall is 105 meters high. The water flows out from a narrow gap in the rock and then falls down 90 meters in a free fall.

We return by the same route.

While driving back to Austria we have an adventure called – find a gas station. It is Sunday and the first two stations are closed. Lucky enough the second half of the route goes downhill. To save the fuel we avoid to use breaks as much as possible. This brings in some adrenaline 🙂 The third gas station is open – what a relief.

In the evening we walk to lake Klopeiner to make use of the private bathing-place of our apartment.

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