Slemenova Špica

Our car needs a small repair – we have to leave it in a local repair shop for a couple of hours. Meantime we take a walk along the Klopeinersee, ascend the nearby hill Georgi and find there a lovely little Georgi church. Bit by bit we have walked 10km.

To relax from the walk we go to our private bathing-place for a swim one more time. Then we take our car and go to Slovenia to find our next apartment in village Rateče. We find it easily, leave here our belongings and drive to the Vršič mountain pass. The sky is covered by clouds and and it rains lightly here and there. Still the weather is warm and sun shows up once in a while.

We leave our car on the pass and walk the steep path to the Vratica pass. Further on the walk is (as Benita puts it) almost promenade.

Sun shines brightly on the Slemenova Špica (summit) and we can enjoy there brilliant views on the whitish rock walls. Time to plan the adventures for the next days.

For the return we select another route – the path goes by the rock wall across the stony fields. This is not a big deal though and we are soon back on the pass. We have walked about 6km in 2.5 hours. The height difference 500m.

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