Miglos stronghold and Pas de Ours

We go to Vicdessos to return the keys of our apartment. To our surprise we find a message on the door that the office is on strike. Fortunately – only till the noon, so we can get rid of the keys in afternoon in Auzat office. This does not fit with our plans but we decide to change them and to visit places around we did not seen yet. First we drive to Miglos fortress. We decide walk to the fortress from Junac et Capulet village that stands just below the fortress. The way is longer as we have planned still we soon are at the fortress. To be accurate – what has been left from once impressive Miglos fortress.

On a way down we taste delicious grapes that grow near the road. Then have a look at Junac village and drive to Auzat where we have an excellent lunch at the garden café.

We return the keys and drive to Pas de Ours (bears pass) viewpoint. It’s foggy but we can see Gorge de Frau below (we were there recently) and fortress of Montsegur.

Having enjoyed the view we drive further to Mirepoix.

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