Pic de Girantes

Sunny. We start a walk from Saleix village first by the road then by a wide path through a forest. The path runs through deserted, ruined houses, covered in moss. Long ago there was a village. After a while the path leaves a forest and goes through meadows up to Saleix pass. Further on the steep path ascends to Pic de Girantes alias Mont Ceint (2088m). We leave there a message in a notebook kept in a bottle. We read what other hikers have written – somebody have been here during the war at age 14, and next time – at the age of 84.

The view from the summit is excellent – to the surrounding mountains Mont Valier, Pic de Troix Segneurs. A flock of sheep join as (not to enjoy the view actually). In a while on a way down we see a sheep with a newborn lamb.

When down we stroll through the Saleix – two donkeys perfectly fit into village idyll.

We drive then to Vicdessos and explore the old town, then further to nearby Suc village.

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