Refuge de Pinet

Despite the cloudy weather we decide to go up in the mountains to Refuge de Pinet – the place where the hikers usually start the walk to Montcalm summit. The track starts the same place where the one to lake Montestaure we visited recently.

On the way up we see a local man with  three mules. They move faster than we. Later on the way down we meet them again. This time the mules are loaded with heavy charge. It looks like a miracle how they keep balance on a steep narrow path. One of the mules lags behind all the time.

We ascend to the Refuge de Pinet. It is three story building near a lake and can host about 50 visitors. The place does not stand empty as the track to Montcalm is very popular. We proceed with our walk up to about 2400m altitude, further the path is covered by clouds. The Montcalm summit is still above us some 700m – two much for one day walk.

On a way down we take a detour to see Cascade d’Artigue then walk down to the parking place. A squirrel watches how we pass by.

We drive to Olbier village to explore Montreal de Sos. On the hill between Vicdessos and Auzat there recently was uncovered a ruins of a fortress. To get on the hilltop we use the steep path and several caves. Nice view to Auzat, Vicdessos and Olbier from the top.

Getting down to Olbier we drive to Sem to look at the Dolmen (the huge stone – monument of the prehistoric time) and the village.

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