Pic Fourcat

Sunny. We start to ascend in pass Col de Tracadou (1200m). The track is perfect – not very steep road that turns into path closer to the summit. After a hour walk we leave the forest and follow up by the grassy mountain ridge. The view is gorgeous all the time as we go – to the mountains, to Tarascon-sur-Ariege and Foix. The view of the Foix castle is the best. We spend a hour on the Fourcat summit to enjoy the views of mountains, Foix, Lavelanet and fortress of Roquefixade.

We are back in the parking place at 1pm having spent 2 hours walk to the summit, one back and one hour on the top.

After a short rest we drive to Mercus village then by Tarascon-sur-Ariege we take Ax-les-Thermes road to Lordat. We wish to explore the fortress of Lordat. Not a surprise – the fortress is on the top of the hill. To get there we drive uphill to the Lordat village. Then proceed on foot to the fortress were we arrive to catch the last sights of the performance with vultures. Eagles, vultures, owls and other creatures live there in cages or on lace. Ilze takes a shots of a particularly lovely vulture.

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