Le Viaduc de Millau and Albi

We drive further on to Pyrenees by the Clermont Ferrand and Tolousse to le Viaduc De Millau. The tallest pillar is 343n high (the tallest bridge pillar in the World as our brochure says). The cars drive as high as 270m above the ground level and Tarn river.

There is a large parking place next to the bridge. Leaving the car there we follow the wide path up to the bridge. The view of the bridge is excellent here and we enjoy it a lot.

We drive further to Albi next. Albi features a huge cathedral (the largest brick-made cathedral in Europe). We take a look on the cathedral, it’s beautiful garden and the stone bridges across the Tarn. There is a special point where one can make a shot of the two bridges as if they are one two story bridge. Looks perfect.

Next we proceed to our Pyrenees accommodation in Luz-Saint-Sauveur. We find it only after making inquiries in a local café. The door of our apartment is open and the key is in the lock from the inside. We have a living room with a kitchen, parents bedroom, the small niche with a two story bed (for children 🙂 ), a bathroom, wc and a balcony.

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