Lac de Bastampe

The clouds have covered the mountains around in the morning – we wonder what the weather will be like. The today’s trip starts near the Luz. We have to drive across the impressive Napoleon bridge and then up by the mountain road a pair of km to the start of the track.

The path to Lac de Bastampe goes up the beautiful woody slope. The lake is 2019m above the sea level, the height difference is about 1000m, the total distance – 15km. The weather is capricious – partly sunny, partly foggy. When up near the lake we get surrounded by wet clouds.

We get wet and cold – hence we decide to go down after a short rest. When close to the parking the sunny weather is back. That’s ok.

Later on we stroll the center of the Luz and buy some treats. There is no internet in our apartment – still there is one outside the doors. That’s ok 🙂

Download file: gmt-04-bastampe.gpx
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