Monte Isola

There is a Monte Isola island inside the lake Mont Isola. The tell it is the largest island of the freshwater lake (we did not check). The island looks like a stone thrown by somebody in the middle of the lake. The road circles around the island (lake at one side, rocky wall at the other) plus there are a couple of other roads that goes up and inside the island. The main means of transport are motor bikes, mopeds and small buses. There is Sanctuario della Madonna della Ceriola at the top of Monta Isola which we plan to look at.

The boat takes of to the island from Sulzano. In ten minutes we are there and start our walk by the shore Westwards. It is rainy and windy – luckily we have appropriate clouds on. We proceed Westwards then Northwards then take the road inside the island uphill to the sanctuary. The road and then slippery stone plates. The sanctuary is at the top of the hill indeed and has a court with a stone wall around. A little bit unreal – the lake is not in the sight – only clouds with some hill tops stretching out.

Having done with the sanctuary we walk the road to the North of the island then return by the Eastern shore passing a large boatyard. Close to the end of our round trip we find a multistore motor bike parking place – no need for car parking here.

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