Pamiers and stronghold of Montsegur

Still foggy. We decide to go North to search for a better weather. The destination is Pamiers – a town to the north from Foix.

We drive highway to Toulouse and miss the correct exit. It points to Pamiers South which makes us think there should be another one to the center. Still there is not – and we arrive in Pamiers from the North side after a short detour.

The officials of the tourist information office of Pamiers does not welcome my English. Thank God Ilze knows French therefore we get the map and a couple of useful booklets. Following the map we visit a couple of churches, a park and a marketplace. One can by, in particularly, a hay in the marketplace. And one can enjoy the performance of local musicians.

Having done with Pamiers we proceed to one of the most famous Cathar fortresses- Montsegur. The impressive fortress stands high on the top of the hill. We follow the steep path to take a closer look. The path is full of tourists – we wander how it looks here in the high season.

Later we visit a museum down in Montsegur village. We return in Illier in the dark of the night.

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