Pic de Heche Castet

We start our trip from the parking place near lake Oredon. Nearby runs a bunch of marmots. At 9.30am we start to walk to Lac d’Aubert. When getting there we have a nice view on the snow covered mountains. Further we climb the snow-full hillside to the Pas de Gat (2465m). The snow is deep but one must be careful because in some places (near the rocks, in particular) it may hide melted out gaps. Ilze falls down almost until waist in one of such gaps. When I pull her out we see the gap and the stream underneath. There is a beautiful view on Lac de Cap Long from the pass. On the other side one can see Pic du Midi de Bigorre and the observatory.

Next we struggle our way to the summit (Pic de Heche Castet). One have to go over narrow and snow-covered ridge. Looks pretty dangerous. I manage to cover almost half the way to the summit, further on the way looks even worse. No chance to get to the summit. We make our way back by the deep snow.

Just before the St. Lary Soulan we branch to the village of Tramezaigues. In a narrow mountain road we have to stop because the road is blocked by the tractor who is dragging something out of a ravine. There is nobody inside a tractor and we get frightened when it suddenly starts to move in our direction. It appears that on of the workers drives the tractor by the remote control 🙂

Tramezaigues is a charming little village with a church on top of the hill. We startle a kitten who tries to flee from us but bumps right against the drainpipe. This does not hold back him to escape in courtyard.

After spending some tome to view the village we drive deeper in Rioumajou valley. Unfortunately we have to give up soon – the road gets worse and we do not have a jeep 🙁

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