Pico de Baciasa

Waking up at 6am. Cloudy – but with a room for improvement 😉 We drive to Spain – to Banos de Panticosa again. On the way to the border there are still clouds around but later it changes to sunny, yet chilly. A thermometer in a Spanish village shows 6 degrees. We leave the car at the road side just before Banos de Panticosa – the same place as few days ago when we hiked to the Puerto de Marcadou.

We ascend by the path in the hills shadow. It is cold – we eat frosted billberries. Only at 11am we are out of the shadow and in the sun (we have a plenty of sun after that – the faces get burned red). We climb up to lake Ibone del Brazato. Later on when over the hill we see another three lakes – Ibones Altos del Brazato. Mainly the track goes over the stone covered fields. It leads us to a pass Cuello Alto del Brazato and at last to the summit Pico de Baciasa.

We notice that there is a cold wind when ascending and descending from the summit. Still – it is warm and no wind at the top!

On a way down we nibble with bilberries again – thawed this time. We have raspberries as well.

On a way home we get stucked before Eaux-Chaudes. A giant flock of sheeps has filled all the road. We follow the flock some five minutes (several cars in a row behind us). Then shepherds asks as to drive by. We do that – by the roadside and then just by the meadow next to roadside.

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