Pic de Peyrelue

We drive to the Spanish border – to  Col de Pourtalet. Some 3km before the border we stop at the tiny parking place and off we go. There are clouds here and there but above us the bright sun shines. We ascend to the shepherds hut Cabane de Peyrelue and further up to the beautiful meadow surrounded by the hills. Here we see the other hut and Pic de Peyrelue (2441m) behind it. The summit seems so close that we decide to take another track before. We climb the pass Port View de Salient and then a little bit higher towards Pic d’Estremere. We stop at the place with excellent view to the Spanish mountains and Coral de las Mulas where we have been a couple of days ago.

Having had enough sightseeing we go back to the meadow and then to the summit Peyrelue. Behind the hut we loose the path and further climb up straight to the summit. This is not hard to do because the way up goes through the meadows. We find our path again somewhere between pass
Port View de Salient and summit Peyrelue. Further on our path goes by the mountain ridge and Spanish border. We see the Spanish mountains and villages again, further on the reservoir Embalse de Lanuzo and village Lanuzo. We see Formigal and village El Portalet where we spent the first two nights.

We proceed by the ridge to the summit. Cold wind blows while we go to the summit but up there is warm and pleasant weather. We spend there some time enjoying the landscape. For the way back we select another valley – Ourade. There pastures one sheep, another one we see close by – dead and partly eaten. In a stream nearby lays a horn. A perfect souvenir.

Ilze finds an amazing view to a close by cliff – it looks like lying dog.

We descend to the first hut and then to the car.

On a way home after Eaux-Chaudes shepherds goad a herd of cows. We outdrive them without major problems, except maybe a couple of corns too close to our car windows.

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