Pic de Sagette

Waking up at 7am and cleaning our apartments. Today we drive once more to lake Fabreges and leave the car in parking place near Artouste cable car where we started a hike to  Pic du Lurien recently. The plan is to walk uphill by the mountain-biker’s path to the Pic de Sagette (2030m). We thought it will be an easy walk – but the reality is a little bit different. I would rather not drive by that kind of path!

The weather is sunny but not particularly warm (8 degrees at the parking place). We nibble the blackberries and billberries. A birdie in a bush apparently enjoys beeing photographed. The path mainly goes through the wood. We meet several whimpering dogs runing downhill. Seems like they have been taken uphill and then released to run down. But that’s only our interpretation.

We walk up to the upper end of the cable car track. Then we go by the tracks of Artouste train (apparently this section not used for a long time). Then we make it to the path that leads us up to the summit. There is a panorama tablet – we can find on it the mountains around. It is great there on the summit – we sit for some half hour and enjoy the sun and the beauty around us. Bad luck with the Lurien – the clouds does not allow to see it. We see though another summits we have visited – Ayon, d’Er, Saoubiste. We see lake Boius d’Artigous – empty last year, now full with water.

When back at Fabreges we eat tarts again – bilberry and basque (the second one is not a berry 🙂

We decide to have one more adventure before returning home. We drive to Col d’Aubisque – the pass we visited last year and did not see anything because of a blind fog. This time it is different – the sun shines over the pass and dark clouds move around and this makes a brilliant landscape (some shots are as good). Like last year we walk to the close by summit Soum de Grum. Watch the sights we missed last year.

In a parking place we eat some croissants and drive away to Pau. Next morning flight to London and Riga.

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