Puigmal d’Err

We get up early – today’s destination is the 2910m high Puigmal d’Err summit.

The path starts at the parking place of Planes ski resort. We arrive there by the Mont-Luis road. We pass by the turn-off to Err and then take a road to ski resort Puigmal. The road goes up the hill but is wide and straight enough do drive on 80 km per hour.

We park the car near the road and follow the road on foot. In a couple of km road turns right and we follow the path straight ahead. It is sunny but no hot (we are 2km above the sea level). We ascend by the stream, then cross it and follow stright up the slope. We can see the summit all the time we go (and we can see the car as well). We get up to the mountain ridge (which is the Spanish border) and then follow the ridge up to the summit. While we go dark clouds have accumulated and the cold wind is blowing. The clouds are near us and for a while we see nothing on the Spanish side.

On the way down we select another path. There we see a flock of some 15 wild goats. A light rain starts. Looks like elsewhere the weather is worse – we see storm clouds and hear a thunder.

Download file: Catalunia Puigmal d'Err.gpx
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