Le Pic des Quatre Termes

Our track starts near the mountain pass Col de Tourmalet. We park the car four km behind the pass in an empty parking place (a ski resort out of the season).

There is llama herd next to the parking place. The track to the 2724m high Le Pic des Quatre Termes follows the ski slope. The direction is upwards though. At the half way to the summit we turn to the steep path in a slope full of rocks and stones. The climbing is not so easy anymore, we have to work hard to get to the 2660 meters high pass. Standing on the pass one can see that our summit is wrapped in clouds. What we can see apart from the clouds looks like steep cone of solid rock. We decide that we will not manage this and select a slightly lower summit to conquer. The gorgeous view to the summits and number of lakes is the reward for this effort. Next we move further by the Quatre Termes because the descent is planned down the other side. Still the path we select takes us surprisingly to the Quatre Termes summit. 🙂

The descent is a tough one – all the way through the chaos of rocks. The trip ends at 7p.m., it lasted more than 9 hours. We have walked about 10km, height difference 1100m.

Download file: gmt-05-quatre-termes.gpx
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