Cirque de Gavarnie

We decide to take a look at the Cirque de Gavarnie – one of the popular tourist sites in Pyrenees. The track starts in the village Gavarnie. It is cloudy and rainy while we drive but the weather gets better when we arrive at the parking place (4 euros). The track follows the main street of the village initially. When out of the village it transforms to the wide path and starts to go uphill. The Cirque de Gavarnie is covered by the clouds mainly. When it shows up we see the high rock wall with several waterfalls looks stunning. We proceed to the main waterfall to take some shots (and get wet there in a second).

We take another path for the way back – it goes by the mountain slope to the Pailla cirque. The track is really good with beautiful views to the mountains.

We get back to our car and drive to Cirque de Tromouse. To get there we have to pay 4 euros and to drive 30 road bends. Still the cirque is not there – at least we cannot see it because of the fog 🙂 We take a short stroll to the monument of the Virgin de Tromouse as long as we are there. The monument stands on a hillock in front of the (invisible) Cirque de Tromouse.

Back in Luz we buy a Grand Polka (a large round loaf of bread) and go home to enjoy it 🙂

Download file: gmt-06-gavarnie.gpx
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