Rankweil and St. Gallen

A little bit sad farewell to Nora, Janis and Mansaura in the morning. Then following the suggestion of Nora and Janis we drive to St. Gallen. On the way to ir Ilze spots a catholic basilic of Rankwail next to the highway. We noticed it already a day before when passing by on a train. Should take a closer look.

Some day long ago the palace of Montfort counts were located here but nothing has left of it today. The church still has been renovated, fortified and expanded on 1470. Later on Loreto chapel and three store pastorate was added. The basilic sits on a top of hill Liebfrauenberg (the hill of Virgin Maria).

We walk to the basilic uphill by the zigzag path. Something going on in the court there – looks like wedding. The priest takes a shot of the wedding guests. They involve me as well – so the priest can get on the photo as well. We inspect the church from inside, walk up the stairs, and then walk around to see it from outside.

After a quick ride on the highway we are in St. Gallen, leave there the car in a subway parking lot next to the old town. Nora and Janis had not exaggerated – the old town is very beautiful. We take a look inside the cathedral and then stroll stroll the pedestrian streets. It should be great to look at the old town from above so we ascend by streets and stairs to the top of Berneggwald hill South from it.

When almost on the top we are suddenly near the green meadow with cows pasturing and a gorgeous view on the center of St. Gallen.

From St. Gallen we drive to Zurich airport to fly home.

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