Lindau and Bregenz

The first activity in the morning is getting rid of the ice on the windscreen of the car.

Following the detailed itinerary prepared by Janis we drive to the train station in Vandans and further take a train to Lindau island in the German side of Bodensee. No snow there – the weather is sunny but rather cold.

Lindau is a typical old German town with pedestrian streets full of shops, ancient houses, town hall with wall paintings, churches. We climb the lighthouse, drop in the bakery (open since 15th Century) for delicious pastry. We stroll the streets of the old town and by the East shore find the bridge to the mainland.

The weather gradually gets warmer. We follow the shore of the Bodensee back to Bregenz in Austria. It takes some 12km to get there. While on the way we find a park with Nordic walking trails. Following trail N10 we reach the border crossing it by a bridge over a stream entering the Bodensee. Everything is decently aranged here – sign “Bavaria” on the German size, “Foralberg” – on the Austrian and “countries border” on the middle of the bridge.

When in Austria we continue by the Bodensee to Bregenz. Shortly before Bregenz we get caught by dirigible that flies high over our heads to the mountains of Austria and Switzerland. Nora informs us later that the airship flies from the dirigible museum in Fridrihshafen.

We take a look at the lake theater in Bregenz where every summer they build and show opera performances. Audience has their seats on the shore while the stage is built on a concrete island about 50-100m from the shore. Nothing on the island for now but one can look at impressive photos of the past performances.
We take a train to Bludenz then another one to Vandans. Mansaura is reached at around 8pm in complete darkness. Janis is here and invites for pancakes cooked by Nora. Delicious pancakes with a jam and honey. Nothing left behind 🙂

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