A winter in Vandans

White winter around. Walking uphill from Mansaura by the track suggested by Nora and Janis.

Following the car track left in the snow we reach the Mansaura chapel. It was named after the nearby meadow. The first owner of Mansaura guest house took the name at the time when the old Mansaura chapel has decayed while the new one was not built. The chapel is tiny – has room inside for two people.
The trees are full of snow. Here and there the road is blocked by fallen tree trunks. A jeep drives by but in a minute it returns driving backwards – the road ahead is blocked.

The snow is thicker higher on the hill slope. The car trace ends soon and we follow walking up to knees in snow. White beautiful winter around. After an hour walk we get where the track switches from road to the mountain path. The path has completely disappeared in the snow. So we have to retreat following our footprints.

While on the way back we found the jeep we met earlier stuck in the snow on the steep road. The driver diligently digs the snow. Luckily we are here to help him. When back in Mansaura the dryer is exactly the service we need.

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