Lake and pass Baxouillade

Our destination for today is the Orlu Nature reserve. A popular tourist attraction here is a wolf reserve in Forge d’Orlu. We decide in favor of mountains though and drive by a narrow mountain road 5km beyond Forge d’Orlu. A parking place is at the end of the road.

We start to ascend by a forest road, then we turn to NW and keep ascending by the long steep path through the forest full of hornbeams. Although the weather is not particularly hot and it starts to drizzle, we perspire more than in a sauna.

The first lake Baxouillade (Etang de Baxouillade) appears just after the end of the forest. Further on the way to the second lake Baxouillade we meet five lovely marmots. We follow further to the Baxouillade pass (2276m above see level). Roc Blanc is here above us – still we understand we have no time to get there. So we enjoy the view and start a way back. While descending we enjoy the view on the famous Dent d’Orlu – the mountain that looks like a huge fang. Here we notice an interesting road sign. It is made from bones of cows.

The way downhill through the forest of hornbeams is much easier then the way uphill. Still we are outworn when back in parking place.

On a way back we make a stop in Ax-les-Termes. The church there has a wooden ceilings and contemporary stained glass.

Download file: ariege-09-roc-blanc.gpx
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