Having packed the luggage we move out of the apartments and park a car nearby in the center of Rateče. Here begins the track to the Tromeja mountain where the frontiers of Italy, Austria and Slovenia meet(Tromeja means three frontiers in Slovenian). The route starts in Rateče, then takes us into forest where we walk the forest road and then turn of to the steep forest path. It starts to rain before we reach the path and it transforms in a shower gradually. The rain comes down in sheets when we have reached the Tromeja. The lightning and the thunder joins the show as well. We put on everything we have for this kind of event and take a look on a frontier cross (which looks more like a pasture fencing), a frontier signpost and a metallic model of the Slovenian mountains. The rain does not appear to cool down therefore we soon start our way back.

We are back to our car at 12noon to start a way back home through Austria and Germany to Frankfurt airport Hahn. Our Pyrenees trip has finished.

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