Visoki Kanin

It’s sunny. We drive to Bovec again – it’s Saturday and the cable raylway should function today. It should go uphill on full hours. We arrive shortly after 9am and see the people entering the bottom station. We nab our boots and rucksacks and run barefooted to the counter and then to the cabin. The drive uphill (1800m) takes half an hour or so. There are two stops – the train changes the cable here using some sort of shunts.

The top station is at the height 2200m above the sea level. No trees here – only whitish, rifted rocks and stones. The path to Kanin has difficulty level 4. It features cables, steel pegs and likes. There are four other summits on the way to the ultimate one. Both on the road and from the Kanin summit we enjoy some kind of Lunatic landscape. Rocks and stones all around, snow here and there. The clouds have followed us all the way uphill. Sometimes the sun was shining over Ilze and me while Benita and Imants were walking in a clouds shadow.

The final section of the route is a little bit tricky (it has all the promised extras – steel pegs, cables, steep path), still we manage to get to the summit. We return the same path. Shortly before the cable rail we take another path uphill to the Prestreljenik okno – a large hole in the rock. The view is stunning despite of the fog all around.

Having enough of Prestreljenik okno we walk to the cable rail and drive down. 27 degrees Celsius there.

We take pizza, cola with ice and coffe in the canteen of the bottom station. This returns us back to the condition to go and see Boka waterfall. The waterfall is 106m high (highest and largest in Slovenia) – there is a good view on it from the parking place. Nevertheless we take a walk to examine it closer.

Our way back goes through territory of Italy.

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