Albi and Cordes sur Ciel

We get up at seven and drive by the river side to village of Vignes and to Point Sublime again. Before the Vignes inside the river bend on a steep cliff there is a sightseeing platform. This stands just in front of the far most place we have reached during yesterday effort. There is a staircase to the platform and yes – it is not free of charge.

The sun shines when we are in Point Sublime, we have the marvelous view at the Tarn canyon. And we have the bus with tourists that enjoy the sight as we do.

Next we drive one more time to Millau bridge. This time the plan is to cross it. This makes a blood run a little bit faster – the bridge runs about 300m high above the valley. There is a large parking place before the bridge – mainly dedicated for the tourists who come for sightseeing. The paved path goes from the parking place to where one can view the bridge best. We go there with the crowd of others to see and to take photos. The meadows around are scattered with red poppies. Perfect.

Then we drive across. Three lanes in each direction, it is easy to forget the 300m below – one can not see it.

This makes an end to our experience in Gorge du Tarn. Further our way goes to Albi with its St. Cecile cathedral – the largest  brickmold cathedral in Europe.

From Albi we proceed to Cordes sur Ciel (sur Ciel means in the sky). This is a charming small village on top of the hill full of narrow streets, artist workshops and old houses, the main street goes stright up in the hill.

From Cordes we drive to Pyrenees. But this is another story.

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