Pic de Anayet

It’s cold and cloudy. We drive to Spain – to the Canfranc ski resort. There blows a strong cold wind. We get into all the clothes we have and walk on. Strangely it gets warmer and the sun shows up from time to time between the clouds. We walk uphill by the Canal Roya – a several kilometer long dell, sided by the mountains.

Marmots greet us whistling. Some of them show up. At the heigth of 2km there should be the lake Anayet. We don’t see it because of the (ir fog). We procees to the summit hoping it will be above the clouds. Still the summit is in cloud as well, no sightseeing.

Descending from the summit we do find the lake Anayet and horses next to it. We stay here a while and enjoy the lovely sight. Then move on to the cold and windy (still) parking place. Shortly before it we notice the flock of about 40 vultures. This is impressive – time to time some of the huge birds take off, other ones land. We can not guess the reason for them collecting here. Hopefully not some tired hiker 😉

Download file: Lescun-j1-Anayet.gpx
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