Pic Ansabere

Perfect weather in the morning – sunshine, light wind, warm. We get ready for the first trip to lac Ansabere.

When we arrive after 5km drive to the parking place we decide to get use of the excellent weather and to climb the Ansabere summit as well. The 2360m high summit is on the Spanish border. Height difference – about 1400m.

We get to the summit rather exhausted. The toughest are the last 200m to the summit. We take a rest here and watch how two mountaneers climb the nearby rock. The rock-column is close to our summit – there is only a 30-40m wide abyss between us and them. The column is about 300m high.

Download file: Lescun-26-Ansabere.gpx

We return the same path. On a half way we replenish our empty water-bottles with very tasty and cold water.

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