Gorge de Caqueta

Driving to Pyrenees. While moving through one of the towns we have to deviate from our route because of road repair works. We get to the road uphill to the castle. We have noticed the castle before but decided not to go because of lack of time. Still the Providence in shape of repair works have decided otherwise 🙂

Having done with castle viewing we proceed to Gorge de Caqueta in Pyrenees. Gorge de Caqueta is several kilometers long and narrow chasm with a wooden footbridges, handrails, waterfalls, weird moss-grown trees and similar items. At the other end of the chasm there is a little grotto where comes out the stream we walked by and over all the way in the Gorge de Caqueta.

Getting back from the Gorge de Caqueta we drive to Lescun to search our accomodation. We drive very narrow serpentine about 30km. We have been instructed in an e-mail that we have to stop by the second house at the right in the village and ask for Mr. Passet. Everybody in the village knows him therefore no problems should occur. Except that he speaks only French. Thank God Ilze understands French 🙂

It turns out that these instructions work very well in practice. We stop by the second house at right. There is a correct name on the post box. The door is not locked and a sympathetic Frenchmen in his best years comes out to meet us. He shows where to drive (our accommodation happens to be near the house of Mr. Passet) and comes to show everything. Our house looks exactly as perfect as we have seen on the web page. In our disposition for two weeks will be the ground floor in a three store house at the edge of the village. Here are three bedrooms, kitchen with everything we could need, guest room, bathroom and a terrace. At our disposition will be excellent view on the mountains and a small courtyard with a lawn. The only shortage (is it really a shortage?) is a lack of internet access – this is available whenever we will need but only in the house of Mr. Passet.

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