Monte Gioco

No rain 🙂

The sky clear up gradually. We have a 1350m high Monte Gioco for today. The track starts in a San Pelegrino Terme town about 20km North from Bergamo.

Leaving the car near the shore of Brembo river we start by finding a gap between houses to get away from the river. Then we proceed further uphill first by the streets of the town then by the winding road that was converted to a stream by the “Beautiful Italian weather”. Winter roses bloom everywhere and soon the sun starts to pour its light. The rainbow follows as an extra. We walk through the Santa Croce village where the church service is in progress and a choir of sonorous Italian voices sing. Out of the village we climb to the Croce hill (Croce is a cross in Italian) with a huge white cross at the top. After a short rest we proceed further to Gioco. In a two and a half hours up-and-downs by the forest paths we reach it. The last section is a mountain ridge in a strong wind. Still the views from the ridge and from the summit are excellent.

On a way down the final km features a very steep, wet, moody, slippery, rough and endless path. It is twilight when we are down at last.

We find a café in San Pelegrino Terme and recharge our batteries, then drive to Bergamo. Fly home tomorrow.

Download file: Monte Gioco.gpx
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