Pic d’Aspe

The Lescun is covered by clouds in teh morning. We decide to go to Spain for the sun. We abandon the option to take a route at the French end of the tunnel of Somport because it is cloudy here as well. So we get into the tunnel and get out of it in a totally sunny weather 🙂 We drive to Villanua then turn West and proceed a narrow serpentine to Aisa. Then we take the road to the North and drive to the end of the road – el Riguelo parking. A cow feeds her calf in the middle of the road – we have to wait before we are allowed to park the car 🙂

We follow the flat path to the shepherds hut, then cross a stream and then by a steeper path proceed to the “uneven carstic terrain” (a citation from the itinerary). The terrain is oneven indeed – it takes an hour to make our way between (šķirbainas klintis). The last section of the route to the summit is a very steep path and a strong wind. We spent another half an hour at the Aspe summit for recreation and shooting – Spanish mountains in a brigth sunshine to the South, West and East, clouds over the French mountains to the North. Perhaps the clouds get stuck in Lescun 🙂

Download file: Lescun-29-Aspe.gpx

Having seen everything we move downhill.

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