Cueva helada de Lecherines

Through the 8.5km long tunnel of Somport we drive to Canfranc in Spain. Canfranc is located only a couple of kilometers after the Spanish end of the tunnel. Initially we walk the forest road and path, then about 20 minutes we ascend the hillock full of dog-rose bushes in blooms. We ascend to the shepherds hut and then follow the stony channel to the Cueva helada de Lecherines (ice cave).

We approach the cave from the flank and notice it only when almost there. The entry hides itself in a rocky wall (at a 2050m height). The cold from the entry is as from the fridge. We put on extra clothes, take the lamps and in we go. We have to walk carefully because of the ice and water between the rocks in the cave. Having examined the cave about 100m deep we return – it is cold there and full of rocks and ice.

Returning back the same way we notice wild goats. and enjoy another time the hillock with dog-roses. Benita on the way back collects milfoil flowers. In the evening the terrace of our house gets decorated with a plate of milfoil and clover design 🙂

Download file: Lescun-28-Lecherines.gpx
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