Hell’s waterfall

We drive over pass of Peyresade again. This time we do not branch to lake Oõ but drive further by Bagneres de Luchon to Valee du Lis. We drive till the end of the road and leave the car there in large parking place. It’s fog most of the time we drive.  It’s foggy and damp when we start to walk as well. We ascend by the path that goes through wood. Gradually the weather clears up and get’s hotter. We enjoy the couple of beautiful waterfalls – Cascade d’Enfer (hell’s waterfall), Goufre d’Enfer (hell’s groove). Ilze takes a shots of a pretty salamander. Our trip ends where rue d’Enfer (the hells stream) runs through a very narrow gorge. No way to get further – the stream fills all the gorge from one side to other. I take a bath in the stream – the water is cold, this do refreshes.

On a way back we stop in the center of Bagneres de Luchon. One of the sales-women asks were we are from. When we mention Latvia she knowingly nods and tells us that somebody from Latvia works nearby. This makes feel a bit home 🙂

When back in St. Lary Soulan we take a walk to the nearby village with a beautiful name – Vielle Aure.

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