Observatory Chateau Renard

Close to the Agnel pass is located an observatory – it stands at the height of 2900m – probably higher than most of the French observatories. Our track starts about km after Fontgillarde next to the bridge over the stream.

We cross the stream and proceed by it’s left bank uphill to the pass Col de Longet. Larch forest at the beginning and then a meadow full of marmots. The sun throws its heat at is again, luckily the wind comes to rescue when we come closer to the pass.

We turn right at the col de Longet and descend to the winding road and then by the road (coming from St. Veranas) uphill to the observatory.  Shortly before the destination a pair of bikers overtake us. They drive up the steep slope without any visible effort. No surprise though – the power of electricity 🙂

The observatory has a large white dome. It is located next to the 2989m high Pic Chateau Renard, 2989. Some 10 minutes to climb it. Montviso summit was visible today only early in the morning – clouds cover it the rest of the time.

On the way down (by the same road) marmots whistling and running around again. Looks like they are rather curious – hide in cave only when too scared. One of them climbs on the top of stone, stands on his back legs and watches carefully what we are doing.

On he way back home we stop to take a look at the church of Molinas-en-Queyras. It has been destroyed during the religious wars and restored afterwards. The part of the church is restored in it’s original view – the church used to be pompous indeed.

Some evening walk in Abries results in a good finding – a free internet 🙂

Download file: 2016-09-07_Pic_château_renard.gpx
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