Cime de la Bonette

We start the way back to Nice at 10am by the road across the Bonette pass – the same way we arrived in Abries.

The first stop is to look at Fort de Tournoux that is a complex of several fortresses. The fortress stretches from the parking place to some 700m further up the hill. Several buildings appears to our view at different places up the slope but it is not possible to see the upper part. It appears that the fortress is closed for tourists for some 4 years already. Its a pity but we have no time to explore it anyway. 

Shortly before the Bonette pass we take a stop to visit a mountain restaurant Halte 2000. Tasteful interior, tasty food, nice hostess. A large herd of sheep and goats down in the valley. Some lamas as well, and it is all watched by a pair of huge white Pyrenees dogs.

Col de Bonette is located 2715m above the sea level. There is a couple of km long road loop around the Cime de la Bonette that takes as to 2802m above the sea level. This is the highest paved with asphalt road in France and the highest through road (taking from one valley to another) in Europe. We take the path to the 2860m high summit. It rains a bit. Mountains around look rather wild because of the dark clouds everywhere.

We proceed to Nice to our hotel near the airport.

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