Horquette d’Aubert

Vignec is situated near the town of  St. Lary Soulan. The first thing in the morning we drive to the town centre to the tourist office. Here we purchase a couple of track description brochures.

As the first trip we select the lakes that are not far from St. Lary Soulan. We drive to the South then branch off to the lake Lac d’Oredon. We park near the lake and at 10:45 start our trip to Lac d’Aubert. The path leads us through the rocks and woods by the several smaller lakes. It starts to rain a little. We climb up to the lake Aubert and see from here high in the mountains the group of skiers. No cable cars or routes here. We don’t know how they get there – perhaps drive as high as possible and then climb to the right place. The descend seems a bit risky.

Next we move on to the pass Hourquette d’Aubert (2499m). It rains but still there is a good view on the mountains. We take some chocolate bars and apples for a snack and go back down. At the parking place we are at 5pm.

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