St. Lary Soulan

Our morning starts at seven. Sausages, salad, bread with a jam, yogurt in breakfast. We decide to use tunnel of Bielsa (which connects France with Spain) and climb the mountains there. When we get to the tunnel, it’s cold and rainy there. Therefore we return back to St. Lary Soulan to take a local track to the nearby hill. First our track leads us to the church of Vignec then up in the mountains to the several Soulan villages (each in different height). The weather changes frequently – hot and sunny changes to damp and rainy and back. The path crosses the border of pastures. The staircases are used to allow the for a man to move out and in the pasture. Cows do not like the staircases – so they are trapped in the pasture.

We return back to our studio at 4pm. Having left the backpacks we walk to the town center. The town is pretty but a little bit fake – the houses look like ancient ones but are built recently – to attract tourists.

It’s still damp and foggy. We decide go to Spain next day – to Ordessa valley.

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