Pic de Madamete

The destination for today is Pic de Madamete. The start of the walk is not far from Luz – near Gaubie bridge 5km behind Bareges village. We have been here a number of times before as hikes to Horquete d’Aubert, Pic de Heche Castet and to the Pic de Madamete itself started here.

It rains a bit while we are driving then the sky clears up and the sun rules. We take a moderately steep path through pastures (the herd of whitish cows and sheep with black and white legs there). We pass a number of smaller and larger lakes while ascending to Bareges pass (Col de Bareges – 2469m), then descend some 300m then up again to Col de Madamete and 2657 high Pic de Madamete.

One can see a number of lakes both our side and the other side (Park Neouvielle) from the summit. The Neouvielle summit is screened by the cloud unfortunately. Gradually the mist comes up from the valleys. Still it is warm and sunny here on the summit.

The track we take to descend has a number of beautiful lakes to view. Along one of them (Lac Blanc) our path goes by the top of the huge dam.

We have walked 19km today, height difference 1400m.

For the diner we have goulash soup prepared by Benita in two large pots. We pour it into plates by metal cup (there is no spoon available in our apartment). We did not manage to save something for the next day 😉

Download file: gmt-12-pic-de-madamete.gpx
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