Anisclo canyon

The weather is cloudy in the morning therefore we decide to go to Spain again. As usual the weather is beautiful at the another end of the tunnel. We drive to Escalon, then turn westwards and drive to  Anisclo canyon. There is 10km of very narrow road that runs the canyon and takes us to the parking place. Cliffs on the left, stream (Rio Bellos – the beautiful river) down in the gorge on the right.

The gorge continues behind the parking place – we take a path that mainly goes through dense wood. That is good because the weather is hot and the trees protect us from the hot sun. The stream is full of shoots and waterfalls. All the time we walk by the steep cliffs. After four hours of walk we are at the end of the gorge and at the base of the picturesque mountain circus. It might be possible to get there in a couple of hours. Bet we have no time because we have the way back. After a short reflection on this we decide to return to the car. We are there about 7pm after 8 hours walk.

We drive back another way. This goes up the hill and uncovers a great view to the mountains around. We stop a couple of times and Ilze takes shots. Then we drive back to France. After the Bielsa we are back – to the France and to the fog.

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